” ‘It cannot happen here’ is always wrong. A dictatorship can happen anywhere.”
— Karl Popper

Through the murk, it’s all beginning to come clear:
America’s class war? Oh, it’s ON.
Full boil. The games have begun.
Paris Hilton was jailed, momentarily, to sate America’s current starvation for justice, because there are no hookers breathing enough to implicate Vice Cheney (who is beautifully poised to become the new Caligula), and there is no God fat, huge or vengeful enough to punish Karl Rove. Not since the Old Testament, anyway, and especially not since Neitzsche killed the new one.
Corrupt forces conspired to release La Hilton, for the “medical condition” of galloping emotional feebleness, brought on by advanced, drug-resistant wealth.
Perhaps now she can serve out the remaining days of her house arrest in front of her plasma TV-wall, with the emotional support of little orange Hermés bags of pure Afghan skag…..or better, that hip new narcotic that “teenage stars prefer,” according to the National Enquirer – -“a blend of black-tar heroin and Tylenol PM that goes by the name ‘cheese.’”
In any case, you know that ankle monitoring device is going to become the new black, or at least the new No Panties.
The release – a stunning flex of wealth — was a tragic PR decision for Paris.
She might have used this “time out” to become a Black Muslim and great spiritual leader. Or write Mein Kampf II: Bigger Bones for Blondie.
Or have a scorching lesbian affair with a fellow inmate, “accidentally” captured on a guard’s cellphone (“The Banlieue Is Burning: One Night Just Outside Of Paris”). She could have made God’s eyes and pot-holders that sold for bajillions on e-Bay. The missed merchandising opportunities alone are heartbreaking – think of how much bank Martha Stewart made off of her Hard-Time Poncho pattern.
That’s what you see, and this is what you get:
A House Intelligence Committee estimate sez that 40 cents out of all the tens of squillions of dollars spent on the Iraq occupation has gone to private war contractors!
Cheney’s private army is the new Praetorian Guard!
Seriously: why push for an early withdrawal, when the Iraq cash-cow is still gushing Congressional money-shots like black rain over Texas? ( Or for that matter, black men over Paris?)
“The privatization of war hands an incentive to American corporations, many with tremendous political clout, to keep us mired down in Iraq,” said Chris Hedges of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Despotic movements need paramilitary forces that operate outside the law, forces that sow fear among potential opponents, and are capable of physically silencing those branded by their leaders as traitors. And in the wrong hands, a Blackwater could well become that force.”
(Italics mine. ‘Times New Roman’ italics, no less: coincidence?)
Erik Prince, the ex-Navy SEAL officer and war-profiteer who founded and runs Blackwater USA (“The most comprehensive professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company in the world”, to hear them tell it) is a full-on, card-carrying, undead, brain-eating Cheney-ite, with ties thisclose to the Christian Right: His father helped start Family Research Council, the fundamentalist Christian think-tank. Erik serves on the board of Christian Freedom International, a nonprofit group aiding “Christians… persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ”.
Prince’s family have stuck millions into the deepest and most notoriously corrupt NeoCon glory-holes (namely Tom DeLay and Rick Santorum) and – surprise! — Blackwater got precious little pesky Congressional scrutiny. This might have created speedbumps around Blackwater’s getting subcontracted, via the Pentagon, to do KBR security gigs in Iraq (KBR being the heat-packing division of Halliburton). A little bit conflict-of-interest-y, since the whole elite, über-kleptocracy are all making out together in one big, spinning, Dubai Hilton mega-bed, drinking goblets of ambrosial virgin-blood, snorting emeralds and playing Gideon Bible II: Vice City.
The example our leaders are setting? Have a death-orgy unto Armageddon, kids. Moral competence is something that only Jesus has – therefore, you shouldn’t even try. Buy helicopter gunships and thrill-kill for the A-list, with the kind of impunity that only the upper .oooo4% can buy.
It’s a good thing that FOX won that last “indecency” battle with the FCC. I predict a whole lot of F-bombs dropping, these next two years. If real bombs were considered sexually suggestive, as opposed to merely murderous – we might finally get some Christians behind outlawing them.
That’s the Trash, mein kampers. Oy!