I know it’s a little late to be “weighing in” on this, but I think we ladies have been typically “On The Rag” about Christopher Hitchen’s assertion that men are funnier than women.
We must remember that Hitchens has been right about a lot of things in his life, and eventually lived to change his mind and renounce most of them. Maybe Bill Kristol’s rodeo buckle hit him in the head one too many times.
I wouldn’t know if he was right or not – not because I am female, but because I am blonde. Hell, I am still trying to figure out how to write death threats in Tampon. I know, it’s not funny. It’s hard. There’s no ink in them.
But being a female, I can tell you one thing: Christopher Hitchens is funny, if for no other reason than because he’s FAT. Ha ha ha, tee-hee! Look at the silly, funny, fat man! Ow, my side is splitting. Wait, that’s not my side, splitting – it’s Christopher Hitchens’s pants splitting! Because he’s too FAT! For his pants!
Oh my God, I am so not funny I am going to wet myself. But seriously, binge-eating neo-cons is really unhealthy, and Chris should try to find a “safe spot” of comfort elsewhere in his life. Maybe all he really needs is a big, wet, Kissinger.