Greetings Dregubloggers:
Well, I guess you wonder why Mommy hasn’t been around the old campfire the last few days, and that’s because I have been doing TRUCKLOADS O’ TELEVISION.
First, there was a thing on the TODAY show (it aired yesterday) that I was in for about 2 seconds about Trophy Wife Jeri Thompson. The best lines I had got cut. I really wanted them to let me say, “The term ‘Trophy Wife’ is demeaning to both the wife and the trophy.”
But alas, no.
Then I was on “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle” again, last night talking about the blackmailed NJ beauty queen, which you can watch if you have Comcast Digital On Demand, for another 2 days. There was a lawyer named Tim Coleman who was decrying the use of “strange animals” on internet sites.
Then I had to do a Biography thing about Mickey Rourke this morning, because I wrote that Salon article about him a few years ago.
And the Mickey Rourke article, sadly, is the only thing I have a link to, at the moment…but the show should be out in a month or so.
I did, however, have the extreme pleasure of meeting Air America star and MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow in the makeup room at the studio, and I slobbered great heaps of heartfelt praise all over her white Hanes T-shirt. She was taking makeup off as quickly as she could and I was caking it on with everything I had.
I said, “True to the description on your website, you do indeed dress like a 12-year-old boy! Whereas I dress like a Russian prostitute.”
She quipped back, “We should get together! Then we could both dress like 12-year old Russian boy prostitutes.”
Rachel Maddow RULES.